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The purpose of a Sick Child Exam is to assess the present illness and associated issues. It does not take the place of a well child exam. Issues relevant to the present illness are addressed along with advice on necessary laboratory or other diagnostic tests required. Most sick visits in Pediatrics is for evaluation of fever or upper respiratory infections. It is important to have your child seen by a doctor if fever persists for more than a few days. Children with difficulty breathing, ear pain, sore throat, persistent fussiness or vomiting should be evaluated by a physician. Infants less than 3 months should always be evaluated by a doctor for any fever above 100F.

Sherif Pediatrics makes every effort to be available for our patients when they are sick. Parents don't usually know in advance when their children will get sick. Somehow it always seems to come on at the least convenient times: the middle of the night, just before dinnertime, Friday evenings, and holiday weekends. We know this because we're parents, too.

If your child is experiencing symptoms of being ill, we can often see them on the same day or within 24 hours. Please call us to schedule an appointment. We make every effort to see your child the same day. We have early morning appointment times for sick visits. You must call the office first thing in the morning to schedule these times, phones open at 7:45 AM.

To maximize your time with the doctor, be sure to write down any questions you may have before your child's appointment as it is sometimes difficult to remember your questions during a visit.

If your child needs to miss school due to illness and their visit, we can provide your child with a request to excuse their absences.

Please understand that sometimes it may be difficult to look at siblings without an appointment. If a "quick peek" at the child reveals a complex problem, we will need to document the exam and treatment in the records and consider billing as an appointment. If it is needed, we will do our best to work siblings in as an emergency.

Sick Visits: Does My Child Need to be Seen?

Probably the most common question we're asked by parents is "should we come in?" As a parent, it can sometimes be hard to judge the urgency of a medical concern. It can also be hard to know if something is routine or unusual. This is why we offer a valuable service to our patients: Phone Triage; as one of our staff will respond to questions by phone during all our business hours and forward your message to the doctor who will decide if your child needs to be seen immediately or not based on the information you give. This is wonderful for those times when you might need some advice from a medical professional, when you aren't sure if you need an appointment.

Scheduled Sick Visits

Most commonly, when your child is sick you will call our appointment line to schedule a sick visit. Most sick visits are scheduled the same day. We apportion a significant amount of time in the office each day for same-day sick visits.

If you know you want to bring your child in for a sick visit, we encourage you to call as early in the day as possible, starting at 8 am. Sick visits can book up fast, particularly during certain times of the year.

Please be sure to give as much information as possible about your child's illness when you call to schedule the appointment. Some health concerns take more time to address than others, and we want to be sure to schedule your child appropriately.

Walk-In Visits

Sherif Pediatrics does not accept walk in visits, unless it is an emergency.

If your child has an emergency problem, like trouble breathing or a laceration, call the office to decide if they will need an Emergency Walk-In Visit.

Medical problems that we manage at the clinic:

We manage almost all types of pediatric medical illnesses at Sherif pediatrics clinic including respiratory, infectious, allergic, immunologic, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, neurological, dermatologic, psychological and behavioral problems.

We either will provide clinical assessment, diagnosis and final treatment for the condition here or refer your child to a sub-specialist if the condition requires that.
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